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Use of iron oxide black

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

Iron oxide is a commonly used magnetic material.

The specially made pure iron oxide is used as a raw material for recording tapes and telecommunications equipment.

Natural magnetite is the raw material for iron making.

Used for making basins and topcoats.

Iron oxide is the main raw material for the production of iron catalyst.

It is very hard, can be used as abrasive. Has been widely used in the field of automotive braking, such as: brake pads, brake shoes and so on.

Iron oxide in the field of domestic welding materials have been recognized for welding electrodes, wire production is still in its infancy, the market prospects are very broad.

Iron oxide because of its large proportion of strong magnetic characteristics, in the sewage treatment showed good performance.

Iron oxide can also be made of pigments and polishing agent.

We can also through some chemical reactions, such as the use of sodium nitrite and so on, so that the surface of steel to produce a layer of dense iron oxide, used to prevent or slow down the corrosion of steel, such as firearms, saw blades and other surface blue, Black. Commonly known as "roast blue".

Making special electrodes.