Corrosion Resistant Pigment Iron Oxide Red S190 Paint Pigment

Corrosion Resistant Pigment Iron Oxide Red S190 Paint Pigment

Type: Red pigment
Delivery Form: Powder
Chemical Class: Synthetic iron oxide alpha-Fe2O3

Color Index: Pigment red 101(77491)

CAS No.: 1309-37-1

Use Recommendation Construction Industry


Reference Standard: DIN 6174
Min  Max  Test Method
Reduction with titanium dioxide (1:2) R-706 No.038, 2009-08-01
△L* -0.7 +0.7
△a* -0.7 +0.7
△b* -0.7 +0.7
△E*ab 1.0
Binder  R-05
Relative tinting strength [%] 95.0 105.0 No.038, 2009-08-01

Min Max Test Method
Water-Soluble Content [%] 1.0 DIN ISO787 Part 3
Sieve Residue(0.045mm)[%] 0.5 DIN 53195
Fe2O3 [%] 95.0  DIN 55913 Sheet 2
Moisture (After Production) [%] 1.0 DIN ISO787 Part 2
Loss on Heating 1000℃1/2h [%] 5.0 DIN 55913 Sheet 2
Particle Shape Spherical Electron Micrographs

Predominant Particle size [µM] 0.2 Electron Micrographs
Oil Absorption [g/100g] 15~25 DIN ISO787 Part 5
Tamped Density [g/ml] ~1.0  DIN ISO787 Part 11
Density [g/ml] ~5.0 DIN ISO787 Part 10


Protect against weathering. Store in a dry place and avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. Special conditions for opened packaging: Close bags after use to prevent the absorption of moisture and contamination.


The product is not classified as dangerous under the relevant EC directives and corresponding national regulations valid in the individual EU member states. It is not dangerous according to transport regulations. In countries outside the EU, compliance with the respective national legislation concerning the classification, packaging, labeling and transport of dangerous substances must be ensured. 

The information contained in the safety data sheet should be observed.

This contains information on handing, product safety and ecology.

This information is given in good faith, without warranty. It is also applies where proprietary rights of third parties are involved. Our advice does not release you from the obligation to verify the information currently provided and to test our products as to their suitability for the intended processes and uses. 

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