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Application Of Iron Oxide Pigment In Marine Heavy Duty Coatings

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

  Application of Iron Oxide Pigment in Marine Heavy Duty Coatings

  China's economic and social development is facing increasingly serious constraints on resources and environment, Iron Oxide the ocean is gradually becoming a strategic base to support sustainable economic and social development. Accelerating the development of marine economy is conducive to alleviating the resources, energy and ecological environment of land-zone economic development.

  According to statistics, has been issued around the planning of marine economic output targets in 2015 a total of 7.05 trillion. Iron Oxide The total value of the national marine economic output in 2011 was 4.5 trillion yuan. By 2020, the gross domestic product will reach 9 trillion yuan. Seawater is a very complex multi-component aqueous solution, mainly a "marine humus" substance, similar to the decomposition of the soil in the soil decomposition of humic acid and rich acid similar. As a result, the surface of a ship sailing in the ocean is severely corrosive, Iron Oxide resulting in the need to re-apply the surface to each ship for more than 2000 nautical miles. Therefore, one of the keys to the requirements of the ship for the coating is corrosion resistance.