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Application Of Iron Oxide Pigment In Paint

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Application of Iron Oxide Pigment in Paint

1. Features: Iron oxide pigments resistant to strong exposure to the atmosphere, the impact of the atmosphere, stain-resistant gas (such as hydrogen sulfide, etc.), good alkali resistance, good anti-rust performance, good corrosion resistance, with decorative and marking effect, hiding power and coloring Strong.

2. Uses: Suitable for all kinds of paint paint coloring and protection of substances. Such as alkyd resins, amine alkyds, perchlorethylene resins, polyurethanes, nitro-based, polyester-based paints and the like. In addition, also applies to electrophoretic paint. Low paint, enamel paint, pencil paint, blending paint, baking paint, rust paint, floor paint, water paint and so on. Can also be used for water-based paint, powder coatings and plastic coatings. As well as for toys, decorative paint, furniture paint, house paint, garage paint, parking lot paint, car paint and so on.

3. Use: generally divided into three steps: wetting, grinding and dispersion (paint). Iron oxide pigments and paints, fillers in the dough tank mix, dubbed thick paste, according to the amount of solvent obtained by the different viscosity and the use of different grinding equipment, such as thick slurry can be used three-roll rolling thin, thin The pulp can be ground with an efficient sand mill (vertical or horizontal) or a ball mill. Primer is generally about 50 microns, topcoat requirements of about 40 microns, and then in the paint tank, add the tree month purpose, dry material, solvent and other paint dispersion, color, adjust the viscosity, etc., the final filter, finished packaging The

4. Application: Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, and other components of the application system is good, can absorb ultraviolet light, to prevent degradation of base material, coupled with low cost, can be widely used In paint paint. Because of strong hiding power, the UV has a strong impermeability and a small water absorption, in the paint film can enhance the mechanical strength of the film, especially in the adhesion of the fine features of the other anti-rust paint Such as red, zinc and other mixed use, can enhance the stability of the film and mechanical strength, is widely used in a variety of outdoor paint, traffic paint, metal rust with primer and finish. Used in the paint paint in the iron oxide pigments are iron red, iron yellow, iron brown, iron black, iron green, mica iron oxide, transparent iron oxide products, which is a wide range of iron red products. Transparent is best suited for automotive topcoat, wood coloring, canned coatings, pharmaceutical wrappers, and the like.