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Building Pigment Development Trend And Status Quo

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for home decoration are getting higher and higher, followed by the successive development of various house decoration. Next, let us look at the value of architectural paint in the decoration of the role.

First, what is the architectural paint?

Architectural paints fall into the category of paint, and paint is a collective term for materials that reflect on the surface of an object and form a tough protective film. Architectural pigments, one of the most important categories, are widely used in buildings. Architectural pigments in our country generally act on the inside and outside the wall, as well as the roof and the ground, the bathroom also has a special paint!

Second, the role of architectural pigments

Architectural paint set decorative features, protection and residential features to improve one. Multiple features make it an unparalleled advantage over other materials in house decoration!

Decorative features include flat color, pattern and light color design, however, because of the proportion of different functions in use, so its decorative features in the appearance of the building shown by the effect is different. But must fit with the shape of the building itself;

Protection mainly refers to reducing the extent to which buildings are affected and destroyed by external factors. Different architectural pigments have different degrees of protection for buildings, and different types of buildings require different protection functions. For example, Housing outside the required paint is very different, and, some buildings on fire, heat insulation and other functions have special requirements.

Residential improvement is mainly used to improve indoor living environment, such as changing the sound insulation between houses, sound-absorbing. So that the best sound insulation between houses, is conducive to promoting people to rest sleep.

Third, the development trend of architectural pigments and the status quo

Architectural paint is the construction of cheaper and easy to use products, the effect is obvious, and has high added value, is widely used in the construction industry. Today, the construction industry in our country has become a pillar industry of the national economy, to further promote the development of China's architectural coatings industry, the demand for building pigments and production continue to rise, the industry scale is also expanding. Therefore, in our country, the prospect of building paint industry is widely favored, there is a good trend for further development!

The vast territory of our country, the eastern and western, southern and northern economic development level is extremely uneven, and the consumption structure is diversified, is not conducive to the rapid development of the overall level of China's architectural pigment industry. However, regardless of the size of an enterprise, due to the increasing demand for architectural pigments, the development prospects of small and large enterprises vary. Large-scale development of a larger space for small-scale construction industry can also be steady progress!