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Building Pigment What Are The Commonly Used Varieties?

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Paint is used in the surface of the object and can form a tough protective film of the material in general, architectural coatings is an important category in the coating, in China, will generally be used for building walls, walls, roof, ground, bathroom Coatings are called architectural coatings.

1, white pigment

Architectural coatings commonly used white pigments are titanium white, zinc oxide, zinc barium white and so on. Titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide) is a widely used, non-toxic, stable pigment, there are two crystal forms, namely rutile and anatase. The former than the latter high refractive index, light resistance, good stability, suitable for external wall paint. The latter only applies to interior paint. Zinc oxide commonly known as zinc white, with activity, in the alkaline coating, and sometimes make the coating thickening, the use of special attention. Zinc oxide has a certain anti-mildew effect. Zinc barium white vulgar called legislation powder, zinc sulfide and barium sulfate co-precipitation products. As a result of long-term exposure to sunlight is easy to change color, weather resistance is not good, easy to powder, only for interior paint, not for exterior paint.

2, yellow pigment

In the architectural coatings commonly used yellow pigments are iron oxide yellow, fast yellow. Iron oxide yellow referred to as iron yellow, is a needle-like water compounds, with a different hue, light resistance, excellent alkali resistance, hiding power, good coloring, but poor acid resistance. Is the most commonly used yellow paint in architectural coatings. Light fast yellow, also known as Han Sha yellow, with good light resistance, heat resistance.

3, blue pigment

In the architectural coatings commonly used in the blue pigment with phthalocyanine blue, ultramarine. Phthalocyanine blue has excellent heat resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hiding power and color strength are strong, colorful, comprehensive performance, is the most commonly used architectural coatings blue organic pigments. It is a translucent blue pigment; alkali resistance, light resistance and weather resistance is good, but the color strength and hiding power is weak, rarely used alone as a coloring pigment, commonly used in architectural coatings Remove the yellow phase in the white paint. The so-called "mention blue", even if the white paint with blue shade, resulting in a white effect.

4, green paint

In the architectural coatings commonly used green pigments are phthalocyanine green, chromium oxide green and so on. Phthalocyanine green has excellent light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, the use of more safe and convenient. But because the price is more expensive, in the architectural paint is not the amount. Chromium oxide is a light-resistant, alkali-resistant and high temperature of inorganic pigments, but the color is not bright, tinting power is not ideal, hard texture is not easy to disperse, the use of special attention should be avoided due to poor dispersion caused by the phenomenon The Chromium oxide green is the most commonly used green paint.

5, red paint

In the architectural coatings commonly used in the red pigment for the iron oxide red (referred to as iron red), there are two kinds of natural and synthetic. Iron red with excellent hiding power and color strength, alkali resistance, light resistance is good, is the most commonly used inside the external wall paint red pigment, but its hue is not bright enough. For the strong decorative, demanding bright red parts (such as red roof, red edge, etc.), need to use other special red pigment.

6, black pigment

Black paint commonly used in architectural coatings is carbon black. Many varieties of carbon black, general architectural coatings with carbon black pigment black (also known as colored carbon black). Carbon black color strength and hiding power is good, usually less dosage, only the role of color. Another iron is also used often.