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China 's Iron Oxide Industry In The First Half Of 2016 Development Trend

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

With the national population dividend continued to decline, the global economic weakness continued, all walks of life are faced with unprecedented economic winter. In the domestic market, all walks of life are faced with a serious situation of overcapacity, and overcapacity caused the entire industry waste of resources. In today's new normal and global economic downturn, one of the fine chemical industry, iron oxide industry is also facing more problems.

The first half of the iron oxide industry operating transcripts is the economic operation was stable to stabilize the trend, stable and good, stable in the new, but also stable and difficult, steady worry.

Industry in recent years in the technological innovation, structural adjustment, the new normal development driven by the post-financial crisis hit, in the market factors change, the global economic recovery is weak, China's economic growth slowed down in the environment, most enterprises Of the economic benefits tend to lower edge of the situation, the iron oxide industry growth rate is relatively stable, the first half of 2016 industry-wide economic output of 289,000 tons, sales of 1.888 billion yuan, sales of 294,000 tons, of which exports 164,000 Ton, the export value of 164 million US dollars, the total profits and taxes 3.3804 billion yuan, an increase of -3.67%, - 1.26%, - 7.55%, 5.12%, 38.63%, - 1.26%.