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Color Analysis Of Iron Oxide Blue

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

  Color analysis of iron oxide blue

  Iron oxide blue pigment is the most mysterious iron oxide family of a pigment, its blue is different from the sky blue is also different from the blue sea, it is a kind of charming super power of color. Blue is one of the three primary colors, its wavelength is the shortest 450 ~ 500nm, are short wavelength. Blue is an eternal symbol, because of its mysterious color has far-reaching significance.

  Iron oxide blue is mainly used for painting, ink, painting, paint and crayons, painted cloth, paint paper, plastic products, color, building floor, floor tiles and other coloring.

  Intact iron oxide blue single crystal was octahedral or diamond-shaped dodecahedron, was diamond-shaped dodecahedron, the diamond surface is often parallel to the crystal face long diagonal direction of the stripes. The iron oxide blue aggregate is compact or granular. Color is iron black, strip was black, semi-metallic luster, opaque, no cleavage, Mohs hardness of 5.5-6, the proportion of 4.8-5.3. With a strong magnetic, mineral is the strongest magnetic, can be attracted to the permanent magnet.

  The main component of iron oxide blue from the magnetite composition, the chemical composition of magnetite Fe3O4, crystal is equiaxed crystal oxide minerals. Because iron oxide blue with magnetic, ancient Chinese also known as iron oxide blue for the stone, magnet, mysterious stone.