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How To Distinguish The Color Of Iron Oxide Red?

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

  How to distinguish the color of iron oxide red? Technology to identify the above is certainly reliable, if that from the professional technology to produce this material compared to the direct identification in the naked eye, the deviation is certainly a certain situation to reduce the need for color does not appear the impact of shade Deviation, then only in a certain technology which can be achieved, so that the production of such materials will not appear no guarantee of the situation, but not in the use of value unreasonable situation.

  In order to make the latex paint a good storage stability, the PH value of the pigment should be close to neutral, water-soluble salt to minimize, but also a large number of used in the floor paint. Natural iron oxide red due to cheap, can also be applied to the primer, natural gas through the air crushing technology 99.5% or more through the 325 mesh, and through high-speed dispersion or sand grinding paint, with good hiding power and anti-ultraviolet performance, natural Iron oxide red is mainly used in the preparation of primer in addition to the physical anti-rust performance, but also the role of weight gain agent.

  Synthetic iron oxide red Compared with natural products, the former density of the larger, small particle size, high purity, good hiding power, high oil absorption, strong coloring, some paint formulations, natural iron oxide red and synthetic products share, Such as for the vehicle, machinery, equipment and other ferrous metal surface rendering with iron oxide ruthenic acid primer.