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Iron Oxide Has Excellent Physical And Chemical Properties

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Iron oxide has excellent physical and chemical properties. Strong hiding power, high color strength, soft color, stable performance, alkali, weak acid and dilute acid has a certain stability, with excellent light resistance, weather resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, with excellent rust Anti-infrared and so on.

Iron oxide functional use

Heat-resistant grade iron oxide series is through the dispersant, powder pigments and other chemical synthesis through the interface, compared with ordinary iron oxide pigments in the application process has several advantages:

First, excellent anti-flocculation performance, easy to disperse, so that the stability of the dispersion increased;

Second, good weather fastness, used in coatings, can improve the coating luster, and with the temperature change color is more stable;

Third, the ultra-strong chemical resistance, product acid and alkali performance improved;

Fourth, the superior heat resistance, making the powder particles at a high temperature in a relatively stable state, making the product has a wider range of applications.

5, iron oxide dye color is pure mirror, and do not use other organic or inorganic pigments plus sets of polish. Although it is not as bright as some organic dyes or other dyes in the hue, but the color of iron oxide dyes have a unique style, its soft, quiet tone pleasing to the eye, for the house, public corrugated, indoor and outdoor Brushing. Its sacred tones, especially for the grand building and magnificent construction projects.

6, iron oxide dyes have a very high dyed, fine and average particle size, to ensure that his use value, coupled with lower prices, to ensure that the use of financial results.

The world for dyeing iron oxide dye agent volume is estimated at 60 to 650,000 tons / year. The construction industry and the coatings industry are the most important users. Iron oxide is also used for non-dyeing aspects, such as ferrite, magnetic memory materials, chemical catalyst and so on. If all these aspects are met, the world's iron oxide demand is almost l007) tons / year, of which 70% of synthetic iron oxide, natural iron oxide accounted for 30%. National iron oxide whole body production capacity of 95 years nearly 25 to 300,000 tons / year.

Add the additive dubbed 0.3 to 10% of the aqueous solution, artillery 30-100 ℃; take iron oxide red 100kg, adding granulator, with 15-40kg additive aqueous solution sprayed to the powder, and gradually form a granular dye; Filter, the material was carried out drying finished product. The additives are those of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium silicate, gelatin, sodium lignosulfonate, ferrous sulfate, or the like. This kind of granular iron oxide red dye and manufacturing method does not adjust the function of the commodity, does not affect the use of effectiveness, to solve the Jifen iron red dye to replace things, it is to solve the dyestuff dust pollution caused by occupational diseases are very important.