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Iron Oxide Is A Compound Derived From Iron Ore

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Iron oxide is a compound derived from iron ore, widely used in pigments, catalysts and other fields, the construction industry and the paint and coatings industry is the most important terminal market for iron oxide applications.

Iron oxide pigment market classification is mainly based on product type, application areas and regional markets. According to the product type, the global market for iron oxide pigments is classified as iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black and orange iron oxide, brown iron oxide, green iron oxide and other mixed type products; according to the application, the market is divided into construction, Paints and coatings, plastics, chemicals, paper and pulp manufacturing, textiles, ceramics, leather, fertilizers, cosmetics and rubbers.

The development of urbanization led to the growth of the construction industry, is to promote the global iron oxide product market growth in the main driving force. In the construction industry, iron oxide is mainly used in color concrete blocks and pavement and other fields, and in the paint industry, iron oxide pigments as pigments are widely used in automotive coatings, steel coatings and other fields.

The increasingly stringent government regulations are expected to have a significant negative impact on the growth of the global iron oxide market, especially in China. Over the past two years, small and medium-sized iron oxide pigments producers are withdrawing from this market due to stringent government regulations This trend is expected to continue.

Among the product types, Iron Red is the highest value of the global market for iron oxide in 2014, and is widely used in various consumer sectors and is expected to continue to be the main breed in support of this market growth.

The construction industry dominates the consumer market and currently accounts for nearly 50% of the total market value and will continue to drive the growth of the iron oxide market. In order to increase market share, iron oxide producers will be more focused on the development of new applications.