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Iron Oxide Is A Magnetic Black Crystal

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

  Iron oxide is a magnetic black crystal, commonly known as magnetic iron oxide, is a complex oxide, of which 1/3 is Fe2 +, 2/3 is Fe3 +, Fe3O4 can be seen as FeO, Fe2O3 formed compounds. [Substance is Fe (FeO2) 2, ferrous ferrate]

  Iron oxide is black crystal, heated to the melting point (1594 ± 5 ℃) at the same time decomposition, the relative density of 5.18, has a good magnetic, it is also known as "magnetic iron oxide." It is the main component of natural magnetite, wet state in the air easily oxidized into iron oxide. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in acid. Modern tests have shown that it is actually a mixed valence compound of iron, and the chemical formula should be FeⅡFeⅢ [FeⅢO4]. In the magnetite because Fe2 + and Fe3 + in the octahedral position is basically disorderly arrangement of electrons in the iron between the two oxidation state of the rapid transfer, so the iron oxide solid with excellent conductivity. By iron in the steam heating, or iron oxide at 400 ℃ with hydrogen reduction can be made of iron oxide. Iron oxide is used as a pigment and a polishing agent. Magnetic iron oxide can be used in the manufacture of recording, video tape and telecommunications equipment