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Iron Oxide Pigments Have Excellent Pigment Properties

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

A high degree of chemical stability and physical fastness:

1, alkali: for any concentration of alkali and other types of alkaline substances, especially in the building commonly used cement, lime mortar and so are very stable, and the cement building components do not occur powder, does not affect it Strength of.

2, acid: the general weak acid and dilute acid has a certain resistance to resistance, but can also be gradually dissolved in strong acid, especially in the case of heating and thicker.

3, light: in the strong sun exposure under the same color.

4, heat: in a certain temperature limit is stable, more than its temperature limit color began to change, with the temperature increases, the degree of change will become increasingly significant, the temperature limit of each species are as follows:

Iron oxide yellow more than 130 ℃ gradually change color for the red phase

Iron oxide red over 300 ℃ gradually discoloration of crimson

Iron oxide violet more than 400 ℃ gradually discoloration of crimson

Iron oxide black more than 100 ℃ gradually discolored dark red

Iron oxide brown more than 130 ℃ gradually change color for the red phase

Iron green more than 200 ℃ gradually discolored dark red

5, weather resistance: from the atmosphere of cold and heat, dry and wet weather conditions such as the impact.

6, stain-resistant air: in any dirty gas are very stable, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen and other gases.

7, water, oil, solvent resistance: insoluble in water, a variety of mineral oil, vegetable oil ether, esters, ketones and other organic solvents, and no penetration.

Second, there is a bright color and unique colors

Iron oxide pigment color is very clean and pure, and do not use other organic or inorganic pigment plus sets of polish. Although it is not as bright as some organic pigments or other pigments, but the color of iron oxide pigment has a unique style, its soft, quiet tone pleasing, suitable for residential, public places, indoor and outdoor coating brush. Its solemn tones, especially for luxury buildings and magnificent buildings.

Third, excellent economic results

Iron oxide pigments have a high color strength, fine and uniform particle size, to ensure that his use value, coupled with lower prices, to ensure that the user's economic results.

The world sales of iron oxide pigments for coloring are estimated at 60 to 650,000 tonnes / year. The construction industry and the coatings industry are the most important users. Iron oxide is also used in non-coloring areas such as ferrite, magnetic memory materials, chemical catalysts and the like. If all these areas are included, the world's iron oxide requirements close to l007 tons / year, of which 70% of synthetic iron oxide, natural iron oxide accounted for 30%.