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Iron Oxide Pigments Market Growth Trend Is Obvious

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

According to market research institutions, the latest analysis shows that in 2015 the global iron oxide pigment market size of about 1.83 billion US dollars. The growing demand for construction, coatings and plastics is driving iron oxide pigment product manufacturers to continue to invest in this area.

Asia-Pacific and Middle East construction industry growth is expected in the next 8 years to continue to promote the growth of iron oxide pigments industry. Favorable government regulations will further promote the integration of environmentally friendly products with technological advances and will have a positive impact on the growth of the iron oxide pigment market.

Raw materials for the production of synthetic iron oxide pigment products include nitrobenzene and cast iron. Among them, the application of nitrobenzene in other industries is expected to increase its price, such as as an intermediate product in the production of pesticides, polishes, solvents, dyes, deodorants, lubricants, synthetic rubber and other products are Has been applied, so this factor is expected to increase the production cost of iron oxide pigments.

Synthetic iron oxide pigments are the most important varieties

The iron oxide pigments industry includes natural products and synthetic products, and has a wide range of applications such as construction, plastics, coatings, ceramics, inks, rubbers, cosmetics and the like.

Synthetic iron oxide pigments due to their excellent purity and quality levels are the most important varieties of this market in 2015. While natural products are expected to grow more rapidly over the next eight years due to their low prices and ample availability.

There are a variety of synthetic iron oxide pigments, such as precipitation, calcination, labor and Penny, and so on. The progress of technology and the increase in demand for environmentally friendly products are expected to continue to drive the current production process.

Iron red pigment is the focus of development

Iron oxide pigments have different colors of products such as red, yellow, black, orange, brown and so on. Red iron oxide pigments are the most widely used and have the greatest demand for other color varieties.

Iron oxide pigments are used in colorants for many industrial products, including construction, plastics, coatings, paints, paper and so on.

In the plastics industry, iron oxide pigments give the product color functions, including food packaging, vinyl sheets, home computers, auto parts, fenders, soda bottles and toys.

The building materials are the largest application market for iron oxide pigments in 2015, and the product requirements are high, especially in the concrete sector.

In addition, the application of iron oxide pigments in the paint and coatings market is expected to achieve the fastest growth rate, and in the field of coatings applications, iron oxide pigments also need to keep the film strength while optimizing its coloring effect.