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Iron Oxide Red Has A Good Heat Resistance

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

  Iron oxide Red has a good heat resistance, 500 Shan also do not change color, in 1200 Shan also do not alter the chemical structure, extremely stable. Can absorb the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight, so the coating has a protective effect, resistance to dilute acid, alkali, water, solvent resistance, so that it has a good weatherability.

  The particle size of iron oxide red is 0.2 with incline, specific surface area, oil absorption, etc. are also larger, when the granularity increases, the hue moves from the red phase purple, the specific surface area, the oil absorption quantity also becomes smaller, the iron oxide red mass uses in the antirust coating to have the physical antirust function, the water in the atmosphere cannot penetrate into the metal layer, and can increase the density of the coating and the mechanical strength.

  The iron oxide red water soluble salt used in antirust paint is low, which is helpful to improve the rust-proof performance, especially when the chlorine ions increase, the moisture is easy to penetrate into the coating, but also to accelerate the corrosion of metals. In addition, metals are very sensitive to acidity, so the ph value of the resin, pigment or solvent in the coating is stronger than 7. Easier to promote metal corrosion, after a long period of exposure to iron oxide red paint coating prone to powdering phenomenon, especially the small particle size of iron oxide pink faster, so to improve weather resistance should choose a larger size of iron oxide red, but also easy to reduce the gloss coating.

  The color change of topcoat is usually due to one or more of the pigments in the formation of a flocculation phenomenon caused by poor pigment wettability and too much wetting agent, often is the cause of flocculation, after baking pigments have a greater tendency to flocculation, so as to make the color uniformity of the topcoat, should choose wet method to synthesize iron oxide red appropriate. The surface of the coating made of iron oxide red with needle-like crystals is easy to produce mercerizing effect, and the stripes produced by brushing are observed from various angles, and the color intensity is different, which is related to the different refractive index of crystallization.

  Iron oxide Red has good heat resistance, also suitable for powder coating coloring. The application of spray painting has iron oxide red vinyl chloride primer, first with iron oxide red, vinyl chloride resin, plasticizer (dibutyl phthalate) low barium carbonate, filler (barium sulfate, talcum powder) mixed, the mixer into a paint film, after solvent dissolved, adding phenolic resin, alkyd resin, through the paint, filtered. The application of iron oxide red in emulsion paint has a broad future, to substitute solvent-based coatings and oily coatings, coated in a variety of structural components.