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Iron Oxide Red In The Iron Oxide Pigments Have A Position Can Not Shake

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Iron oxide red in the iron oxide pigments have a position can not shake, and its excellent characteristics determine its use of talent. Iron oxide is widely used is well known, all industries in the industry are inseparable from iron oxide red, it can be said that it is a powerful stain. Here we come to understand what good quality of iron oxide red determines its wide range of uses.

Iron oxide red for a variety of paint coloring and protection of substances, including water-based interior and exterior paint, powder coatings. Iron oxide pigments are widely used, requiring it to have some unique properties. Although the requirements of paint on the paint with the variety of paint, the use of different requirements, but the excellent iron oxide pigment is the first choice for paint. Excellent resistance to light, alkali resistance, chemical resistance; and excellent resistance to moisture, Most thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics are compatible.

1. Paint with paint should have good dispersion: in the preparation of paint, the pigment is expected to be well dispersed in the coating base material, and can achieve good fineness. In the solvent-based paint, the general use of more direct pigments, and in the water-based paint, more and more use of pigment paste, one is to avoid pollution, the second is to improve efficiency. In the case of

2. Excellent light and weather resistance: pigment light resistance and weather resistance, as outdoor paint with paint, is a very important indicator, and a special test evaluation criteria. However, the pigment after washing with white paint, light resistance and weather resistance often change, there is a clear downward trend. In the case of

3. Acid resistance: some pigments are not acid, it can not be used for acidic paint, made of paint is not suitable for acidic environment. Such as zinc oxide, cadmium pigments, ultramarine and some organic pigments. 4. Water resistance: Poor water resistance of the pigment affect the quality of the coating. Such as poor water resistance, the color of the pigment can easily produce spots and streaks. Most of the pigment water is good. In the case of

5. Solvent resistance: Most of the inorganic pigments do not have solvent problems. And some organic pigments in a strong solvent to dissolve, bleeding. So in the selection should be careful. In the case of

6. Resistance to other chemicals: Some coatings for special purposes and occasions, the use of pigments should have the required resistance. In the case of

7. Alkali resistance: some pigment is not alkali, should pay attention to when used. Such as chrome yellow, iron and some organic pigments. In the case of

8, good coloring rate, no bleeding, no migration. Is the most basic requirements for paint pigments. In the case of

9. Pigment mix: the proportion of some pigment difference is too large, prone to stratification, or in the coating appears floating color. Some pigments are easy to react with each other and are not easily mixed. Such as acid-resistant pigment is not easy to mix with alkali-resistant pigments, lead is not easy to mix with sulfur-containing pigments and so on.