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Iron Oxide Red In The Use Of Paint In General Paint

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Iron oxide pigments are widely used in paints, paints and inks because of their own non-toxic, non-bleeding, low cost, and can form a variety of different colors. Used in the paint paint in the iron oxide pigments are iron yellow, iron red, iron brown, iron black, mica iron oxide, transparent iron yellow, transparent iron red, as well as translucent products, Red is the most important.

Iron red has a good heat resistance, 500 ℃ does not change color, at 1200 ℃ when the chemical structure is not changed, very stable. Can absorb the ultraviolet spectrum in the sun, so the coating has a protective effect, resistant to acid, alkali, water, solvent, it has a good weather resistance.

Iron red particle size at 0.2μm with yellow phase, specific surface area, oil absorption, etc. are larger, the particle size increases when the hue from the red phase purple mobile, specific surface area, oil absorption also will become smaller, iron red large For rust-proof paint with a physical anti-rust function, the atmosphere of water can not penetrate into the metal layer, and can increase the coating of the density and mechanical strength.

Used in anti-rust paint iron red water-soluble salt is low, is conducive to improving the anti-rust performance, especially when the chloride ion increases, the water is easy to penetrate into the coating, but also to accelerate the corrosion of metal. In addition, the metal is very sensitive to acid, so the paint in the resin, paint or solvent PH value of 7 or less acidic, it is easier to promote metal corrosion, after long-term exposure to iron red paint is easy to produce powder Phenomenon, especially the smaller particle size of iron red powder faster, so to improve the weather resistance should choose a larger particle size of iron red, but also easy to make the coating shiny decline.

The change in the color of the finish is usually due to the fact that one or more flocculation in the pigment component causes poor wetting of the pigment and too much wetting agent, often the cause of flocculation, which has a greater tendency to flocculate through the roasted pigment , So in order to make the finish color uniform, should be used wet synthetic iron red is appropriate. The surface of the coating made of needle-like iron red is easy to produce the influence of mercerizing. The stripes produced during brushing are observed from various angles, and the color intensity is different, which is related to the different refractive index of the crystal.

Iron red has good heat resistance, but also suitable for use in powder coating coloring. Paint application of iron red perchlorethylene primer, first iron red, perchlorethylene resin, plasticizer (dibutyl phthalate) barium carbonate, filler (barium sulfate, talc) mixed, Mixing machine into the paint film, dissolved by the solvent, add phenolic resin, alkyd resin, by the paint, filter made. Iron red in the application of latex paint also has a broad future to replace the solvent-based coatings and oily coatings, painted in a variety of building structural parts.

In order to make the latex paint a good storage stability, the PH value of the pigment should be close to neutral, water-soluble salt to minimize, but also a large number of used in the floor paint. Natural iron red due to cheap, can also be applied to the primer, natural gas through the air crushing technology 99.5% or more through the 325 mesh, and through high-speed dispersion or sand grinding paint, a good hiding power and anti-ultraviolet performance, Red is mainly used for the preparation of primers in addition to the physical anti-rust properties, but also the role of weight gain agent.

Synthetic iron red compared with natural products, the former density, particle size is small, high purity, good hiding power, high oil absorption, strong coloring, some paint formulations, natural iron red and synthetic products, such as In the vehicle, machinery, equipment and other ferrous metal surface rendering with iron red alkyd primer.