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Iron Oxide Red Paint Commonly Used In Paint

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Iron oxide red paint commonly used pigments

Pigments are a very important chemical raw materials, widely used in coatings, inks, plastics and other industries. Which is roughly divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments, the following mainly describes powder paint commonly used pigments. Powder coating because of its high utilization rate, environmental pollution, excellent physical and chemical properties, a spray molding and many other advantages, in recent years, the fastest growing domestic and foreign varieties of paint. Pigments used in powder coatings, the most important two indicators are: good dispersion, temperature requirements 180 degrees 30 minutes do not change color.

1. inorganic pigments

Inorganic pigments are divided into black pigments, white pigments, red pigments, yellow pigments, blue pigments, brown pigments, purple pigments, pearlescent pigments

1.1 black pigment - the most important variety is carbon black, according to the preparation of different processes, different varieties of carbon black, other varieties are also used iron oxide black and graphite, carbon black quality is also related to hue, red carbon black representative Is Mitsubishi's MA-100, blue on behalf of carbon black is the Cabot's CSX880. Degussa U carbon black blackness and leveling is very good.

1.2 blue pigments - the main varieties are ultramarine blue, iron blue, cobalt blue. Qunqing bright and bright color, is the most used blue pigment, can play the effect of whitening, powder paint in the use of Longkou and France imported 5008 group of green.

1.3 brown pigment - mainly iron oxide brown, generally by the iron yellow, iron red, iron black fight color come.

1.4 red pigment - mainly iron oxide red. Iron oxide is very rich in color, because of its low price, excellent performance, is more commonly used inorganic pigments. Representative products are Shanghai a product, Changsha tricyclic, Bayer iron red and so on.

1.5 yellow pigment - mainly lead chrome yellow, cadmium yellow and yellow, which lead the most widely used chrome yellow, the largest output, while not conducive to environmental protection, there are trends in the use of control. Shanghai and Xinxiang chrome use more.

1.6 pearlescent pigments - with a beautiful metallic luster, non-toxic high temperature, natural pearl powder, basic lead carbonate, titanium oxide can be used as pearlescent pigments, commonly used and the most used pearlescent pigments are mica titanium pearlescent pigments.

1.7 white pigments - mainly titanium dioxide, zinc barium white, zinc oxide and other varieties, including titanium dioxide is the most extensive, rutile and anatase two models, rutile type weather better.

2. Organic pigments

Organic pigments are divided into azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, heterocyclic and fused cyclic ketone pigments, oxygen anthracene lake pigments, triarylmethane and lake pigments, nitro and nitroso pigments, And its metal complex pigments, fluorescent pigments.

2.1 azo pigments

Is the largest variety of organic pigments, the most important category, the largest output in organic pigments, accounting for about 60%, according to the chemical structure, can be divided into single azo pigments and disazo pigments, but also broken down into insoluble even Nitrogen pigments, azo dyes and condensed azo pigments. According to the characteristics of the intermediates can be divided into:

nth = "12" day = "30" islunardate = "False" isrocdate = "False" w: st = "on"> 2.1.1 Benzidine pigments

Bisazo pigments composed of benzidine derivatives, the chromatographic range of benzidine pigments is mainly yellow and orange, and its performance is far more than monoazo pigments.

Permanent yellow HR, to Sri Lanka brand 148, pigment yellow PY83, red light yellow powder, light resistance 7 temperature 220, by the polychlorinated benzidine eye salt by diazotization in the system. Can be used for outdoor, in the powder is not suitable for trace addition.

Lemon orange H10G, Lai Si grade 149, pigment yellow PY81, lemon yellow powder, bright color tinting high, light fastness good, good solvent resistance. Suitable for micro-color.

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The structure contains an aromatic diamine derivative linked by a peptide bond, which is obtained by coupling the aromatic amine diazonium salt and the aromatic diamine derivative directly or by condensation of the product which has been coupled and the aromatic diamine, Increased molecular weight, improved resistance to pigments, light fastness, heat resistance and other indicators

nth = "12" day = "30" islunardate = "False" isrocdate = "False" w: st = "on"> 2.1.3 2,3-acid and its lake pigments

The chromophore pigment produced by the action of the 2,3-acid as the main color of the coupling and the metal salt. Most are monazo pigments, but also condensed azo type. Its chromatography range is dominated by magenta (blue-red)

Baohong 6BR, Lai Si grade 130, paint red PR57: 1, alias Li Soler Po BK, blue light red powder, bright color, strong coloring, ye love powder in the flow of good, and has good stability. Light resistant 6, for indoor.

Permanent red F5RK, Lai Si grade 135, pigment red 48: 2, purple powder, slightly less acid and alkali resistance, while coloring ability, light fastness and heat resistance in general.

nth = "12" day = "30" islunardate = "False" isrocdate = "False" w: st = "on"> 2.1.4 naphthol sulfonic acid pigment

With a variety of naphthol sulfonates and aromatic amine diazonium salt reaction, and then by the lyeing process to obtain lake pigment, is a single azo red lake pigment, the pigment color is low, light resistance is not high.

nth = "12" day = "30" islunardate = "False" isrocdate = "False" w: st = "on"> 2.1.5 Pyrazoloquinazolinone pigments

The monazo pigments obtained by using pyrazoloquinazolinones as coupling components have excellent fastness and weather fastness, and their chromatograms are generally orange and red

nth = "12" day = "30" islunardate = "False" isrocdate = "False" w: st = "on"> 2.1.6 Pyrazolone pigments

The compounds obtained by the reaction of arylpyrazolones as coupling components have monoazo and disazo pigments whose chromatograms are from yellow to orange.

Permanent yellow HGR, Lai Si grade 147, pigment yellow PY191, a good acid and alkali heat resistance temperature of 300, light 7-8 level, by the 2B-acid through diazotization reaction in the system. Can be added in small quantities for outdoor use

1.2 benzimidazolone pigments

Single and disazo pigments with benzimidazolone in the side chain of the coupling component. Its molecules contain hydrogen bonds, increasing the molecular polarity of the pigment, the pigment has a very good heat resistance, light resistance and solvent resistance.

2.2 phthalocyanine pigments

Mainly phthalocyanine blue, green high-grade organic pigments, production and use are large, including organic pigments in the blue, an important source of green, shiny bright, excellent fastness.

Phthalocyanine blue BGS, Lai Si grade 166, pigment blue PB15: 3, β stable type, dark blue powder, bright color, strong coloring, with excellent light fastness, heat resistance, chemical resistance. By phthalic anhydride, urea, trichlorobenzene synthesis, and then by adding additives to α-type converted to β-type.

Phthalocyanine green G, Lai Si grade 188, pigments green PG7, dark green powder, bright color, strong coloring, insoluble general solvent, the resistance to fast performance, are chlorinated copper phthalocyanine blue does not fade pigment, generally through the crude copper Phthalocyanine direct chlorination preparation, the general introduction of the number of atoms 14-15.

2.3 heterocyclic and fused ring ketone pigments can be divided into quinacridone pigments, dioxazine pigments, anthrone pigments, etc.

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Is a class of high-grade pigments, with excellent fastness, shiny bright, strong coloring, good weather resistance, heat resistance, resistance to migration, widely used in automotive coatings, plastics and other coloring, the chromatogram red, purple and orange The

Such as pigment quinacridone purple ER, Lai Si grade 197, pigment purple PY19 (β type), brilliant purple powder, shiny bright, strong coloring. Excellent drying performance 7-8, temperature 250, solvent resistance, no migration.

Forever pink pink E, Lai Si grade 136, pigment red PY122, alias quinacridone red 1171, bright blue violet red powder, temperature 300, light-resistant 8, plus the amount of domestic with less than two percent, the effect is similar to Clariant PINK E

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Is a certain dyes that have the basic structure of anthraquinone, and can be used as a pigment by appropriate pigment processing.

Anthraquinone red A3B, Lai Si grade 137, pigment red PR177, from the corresponding sulfonate salting out, acidification treatment, with purple phase of the red powder, one of the senior red pigment varieties, with bright shade, the fastness performance Excellent

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This type of pigment contains the parent of triphenyl dioxazine, the chromatogram is mostly purple, generally has a symmetrical structure.

Permanent purple BL, Lai Si grade 190, pigment purple PV23, blue light purple powder, bright color, with high color strength, excellent heat resistance, resistance to osmosis and light fastness, from tetrachloroquinone and ethyl Carbazole, benzyl trimethyl ammonium chloride polymerization by benzenesulfonyl chloride treatment, heat-resistant 250 light-resistant 7-8 level. High temperature for a long time baking color phenomenon.