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Iron Oxide Red Pigment

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

  Iron oxide red pigment

  Iron oxide pigments are very important inorganic color pigments, which are based on its excellent pigment quality, simple production process, simple and easy to obtain raw materials can also make full use of other industrial waste sub-resources. In addition, its products are extremely toxic and widely used.

  Iron oxide red use is very extensive, because of its alkali resistance, weatherability, low prices with alkaline materials such as cement, lime and other manufacturing color building materials. And can be mixed with glial materials, water and other painted walls. As the iron oxide red abrasive, mechanical often use it as a grinding agent.

  Generally α-iron oxide is a non-magnetic material, with a special treatment to obtain ferrite can be used as a magnetic material. Γ-iron oxide is a magnetic material, can be used for tape recording, video, magnetic flaw detection, high-altitude photography.

  For rubber, in addition to its coloring and reinforcement anti-aging effect, there are protective organic matter by UV degradation characteristics. In addition iron red pigment can be used for plastic coloring, chemical fiber, leather industry, can also be used for pharmaceutical industry and other such as cosmetics, painting and so on.