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Mica Iron Oxide:

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Mar 13, 2017

Iron oxide used as anti-rust pigment is mainly mica iron oxide, the current large-scale use or by natural minerals through the screening of fine powder, flaky crystal, heat resistance up to 800 ℃ or more, early British use of Australian natural products, Processing made of high durability anti-corrosion coating, painted on the bridge, steel frame structure and achieved good results. Such as the Sppndon Bridge, the French Paris Tower, the Kobe Bridge in Japan, the closure of the bridge, the four bridge, etc. are coated with mica iron oxide coating, the former 20 years, the coating has a good durability, you can save a lot Maintenance costs, by the relevant countries attention. Synthetic products developed in the 1960s, breaking the monopoly of natural products, in the purity, particle size distribution, crystal morphology, heat resistance and other aspects are more than natural products,