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Properties And Applications Of Iron Oxide Blue Pigments

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

  Properties and applications of iron oxide blue pigments

  There are several varieties of iron oxide blue, each with a slightly different performance, and the names are different: such as Loriland, Paris Blue, Berlin, color blue, Fort Blue, China blue and copper light blue and non-copper light blue and so on, these varieties are based on the combination of cyanide blue pigments, collectively known as iron oxide blue.

  The tones of all kinds of iron oxide blue vary between dark blue and bright blue, and have a certain relationship with their constituents. The more alkali metal in the iron blue contains, the more The Fe (CN) 6 Atomic group and the less moisture content, the brighter its color. In addition to chemical composition, the tone, tinting power, dispersion and oil absorption of iron blue are closely related to their particle size. All kinds of iron blue, their performance trends to be summarized in the Loriland between the blue to the dense.

  Iron oxide Blue has a very high coloring force, and the stronger the coloring, the brighter the color. Iron Blue has a fairly high light resistance, it is generally believed that the more alkali metal in the iron Blue, its light resistance is stronger, but it and white pigment mixed diluted, the light resistance is down. Iron Blue is not alkali, even the weakest alkali, also makes the blue disappear completely and decomposes into the hydrated ferric oxide and ferrous cyanate salt and presents brownish brown. The dilute inorganic acid has little effect on iron blue. Concentrated sulfuric acid makes it decompose, especially at boiling temperatures.

  In recent years, due to the development of the phthalocyanine blue, its bright color and good acid, alkali and other excellent performance, so that the Tielan pales in comparison to the production and development of a certain impact. But because Tielan is a traditional product, the price is cheaper, some paint products are still used. In addition, a large number of iron blue is still black ink and press ink as a toner, therefore, the iron blue still has its future development.