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The Main Application Areas Of Nanometer Iron Oxide Powder

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

The main application areas of nanometer iron oxide powder

Nano iron oxide has a unique optical, magnetic, thermal, catalytic and other properties, widely used in magnetic materials, pigments, fine ceramics and plastic products in the preparation and catalyst industry, in acoustics, electronics, optics, thermal, especially medicine And bio-engineering, also has a wide range of application value and prospects. At the same time, it is a new type of sensor material, do not need to be doped with precious metals can be used to detect flammable gases and toxic gases in the air, with high gas sensitivity and low energy consumption characteristics.

1, in the application of magnetic materials and magnetic recording materials

The size of the magnetic particles as magnetic recording units must meet the following requirements: The length of the particles should be less than the recording wavelength; the width of the particles should be much smaller than the recording depth; in one unit of the recording volume, more magnetic particles should be made as much as possible. Nano Fe2O3 has good magnetic properties and good hardness. Oxygen magnetic materials mainly include soft magnetic iron oxide (α-Fe2O3) and magnetic recording iron oxide (γ-Fe2O3). Magnetic nano-particles due to the small size, with a single magnetic domain structure, high coercivity characteristics, with it made magnetic recording material can improve the signal to noise ratio. At present, the magnetic tape used in the general use of magnetic ultrafine particles of iron or iron oxide needle-like particles (such as needle-like γ-Fe2O3). Of course, the prospect of magnetic recording materials is increasingly subject to new challenges such as semiconductor materials, carbon nanotubes and other new materials. The use of semiconductor materials, solid-state hard drive technology has been very mature, but it is undeniable that the use of iron oxide magnetic recording material of the traditional hard drive is still the most cost-effective storage devices.

2, in the paint, paint applications

In the pigment, nano-iron oxide is also known as transparent iron oxide (through iron). The so-called transparent, not specifically refers to the macroscopic and transparent particles itself, but refers to the pigment particles dispersed in the organic phase made of a layer of paint film (or oil film), when the light on the film, if the basic does not change the original Direction through the paint film, said the pigment particles are transparent. Transparent iron oxide pigments have a high degree of color, high color strength and high transparency, with a special surface treatment has a good grinding dispersion. Transparent iron oxide pigments can be used for oil and alkyd, amino alkyd, acrylic and other paint made of transparent paint, a good decorative. This transparent paint can be alone, but also and other organic color pigments mixed with color, such as adding a small amount of non-floating aluminum powder can be made into a flash of metal effect paint; with different colors of primer , Can be used for automobiles, bicycles, instruments, meters, wood and other demanding decorative occasions. Transparent pigments strongly absorb the characteristics of ultraviolet light so that it can be used as plastic UV shielding agent, and for the beverage, medicine and other packaging plastics. Nano Fe2O3 in the electrostatic shielding coating also has broad application prospects, has been successfully developed with good electrostatic shielding Fe3O2 nano-coating. This nanoparticle with semiconducting properties has a higher electrical conductivity at room temperature than conventional oxides, and thus can play an electrostatic shielding effect.

3, in the application of ceramic materials

Iron oxide system ceramics first with a special magnetic intermolecular ferrite and get a wide range of applications. At present, the ultrafine powder used in the iron oxide unit system ceramics is prepared by coprecipitation method. The average particle size of the obtained iron oxide powder is 40nm ~ 60nm, the specific surface area is 30 m2 / g ~ 60 m2 / g , With its prepared gas-sensitive ceramic has a good sensitivity.

4, in the application of colorants

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to medicine, cosmetics, food used in colorants, non-toxic colorants has become the focus of attention. Nano-iron oxide in the strict control of arsenic and heavy metal content of the case, is a good colorant. Nano-iron oxide can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics in the powder, if combined with pearlescent pigments can be pearlescent pigments, add pearl powder charm. Medicinal gelatin capsules, jellies and certain beverages also use transparent iron oxide as a colorant.

5, in the application of light absorption materials

The quantum size effect of the nanoparticles makes it possible to have a blue shift phenomenon on the light absorption of a certain wavelength and the absorption of the absorption bands of the various wavelengths. The UV absorbing material of the nanoparticles is made by using these two properties The In general, the nanoparticle ultraviolet absorbing material is a film in which particles are dispersed into a resin, and the absorption capacity of the film against ultraviolet light depends on the size of the nanoparticles and the amount and composition of the nanoparticles in the resin. Fe2O3 nanoparticles of the polyol resin film of 600nm below the light has a good absorption capacity, can be used as a semiconductor device UV filter.

6, in the application of targeted drugs

Targeted drugs are one of the hotspots in drug technology research. Under the action of external magnetic field, through the carrier-nano-particles of magnetic navigation, so that drugs moved to the lesion, to achieve the purpose of targeted therapy. This will not only greatly improve the efficiency of drugs, but also reduce the amount of drugs in other organs on the body, so as to effectively avoid the role of drugs in the lesion while harming other organs of the body. Magnetic iron oxide bio-nanoparticles easy to orient, no side effects on the human body, can be used as a drug-oriented effective carrier. 10nm ~ 50nm Fe3O4 magnetic particles coated with methacrylic acid on the surface, the size of 200 nm, this submicron particle carrying proteins, antibodies and drugs can be used for cancer diagnosis and treatment. This local treatment is effective, less side effects, is likely to become the treatment of cancer.

7, in the application of the catalyst

Nano-iron oxide is a good catalyst. The hollow pellets made of nano-α-Fe2O3 are floated on the surface of the wastewater containing the organic matter, and the degradation of the organic matter by the sunlight can accelerate the waste water treatment process. Nano-α-Fe2O3 has been used directly as a catalyst for the oxidation, reduction and synthesis of high molecular polymers. Nano-α-Fe2O3 catalyst can improve the cracking rate of oil 1 to 5 times, with its combustion catalyst as a solid propellant burning rate than ordinary propellant combustion rate can be increased by 1 to 10 times, which makes high-performance Rockets and missiles are very favorable.

8, other applications

Nano-iron oxide is also used in other areas, such as macromolecular dextran embedded magnetic iron oxide can be used for liver and spleen magnetic resonance imaging enhancer, the use of nano-iron oxide and NT mixed explosives to improve the explosive explosion and many more.