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Triiron Tetraoxide Commonly Used Magnetic Materials

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

What is the nature of ferric triiron tetraoxide, what do you know, what are the properties of triiron tetraoxide, what is its use and what, you want to know what is thetriiron tetraoxide, then for everyone to introduce it The

Under normal circumstances, triiron tetraoxide is a magnetic black crystal, its molecular formula is Fe3O4 (FeO · Fe2O3), molecular weight is 231.54, triiron tetraoxide insoluble in water, magnetic, with excellent conductivity.

triiron tetraoxide is a ferrite, that is, Fe2 + Fe3 + (Fe3 + O4) (ie FeFe (FeO4) in front of 2 + and 3 + represents the valence of iron). In Fe3O4, iron was two valence, an iron atom was +2 price, two iron atoms were +3 price, so thattriiron tetraoxide can be seen as a compound composed of FeO and Fe2O3, can be expressed as FeO Fe2O3, and can not be said to be a mixture of FeO and Fe2O3, it is pure matter.

triiron tetraoxide is a commonly used magnetic material. The specially made puretriiron tetraoxide is used as a raw material for recording tapes and telecommunications equipment. Natural magnetite is the raw material for iron making. triiron tetraoxide can also be made of pigments and polishing agent. We can also through some chemical reactions, such as the use of sodium nitrite and so on, so that the surface of steel to produce a layer of dense triiron tetraoxide, used to prevent or slow down the corrosion of steel, such as firearms, saw blades and other surface blue, Black. Commonly known as "roast blue".

Now you know what is thetriiron tetraoxide of the bar, I hope you will be helpful!