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What Is The Difference Between Chromic Oxide Pigments And Iron Oxide Pigments?

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

  What is the difference between chromic oxide pigments and iron oxide pigments?

  How to distinguish between chromium oxide pigments and iron oxide pigments

  First, the general color of chromium oxide and iron oxide pigments are different, iron oxide is determined by the content of crystal water, iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments such as chrome red and some other components of the salt. There are several kinds of chrome yellow, there are red and green phase of the points. Chrome red is forbidden to use, you know why it is. Chrome green is also relatively small. The most extensive is the chrome, which is divided into red and green, there are several single-phase.

  Second, you can distinguish directly from the purity of the color. iron oxide In general, the color of the iron oxide pigment is formed by the crystal water caused by the different structure, but the iron oxide pigment product profit space determines its production process is not strict. Therefore, the color purity of iron oxide pigments is not very high.