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What Is The Use Of Iron Oxide?

J.K Chemical Company | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

  What is the use of iron oxide?

  One of the iron oxide

  Chemical formula Fe3O4, often called "magnetic iron oxide". A black crystal with magnetic properties. Can be seen as ferrous oxide and iron oxide composition of the compound. Because there are two different valence states in the crystals of ferric oxide, one third is Fe2 + and two thirds is Fe3 +, which is a complex compound. It is insoluble in water and can not react with water. Reaction with acid, insoluble in alkali. Mainly for the system primer and topcoat, for the electronics industry, magnetic materials, but also for the construction industry, anti-rust agent.

  Iron oxide two

  Iron in the air to produce iron oxide; iron in the air heated to 500 ℃, iron with the air in the reaction of oxygen also produced iron oxide; forging anvil around the scattered blue-gray debris is mainly four Iron; iron with the high temperature of the steam generated displacement reaction to produce iron oxide and hydrogen; natural magnetite is the main component of iron oxide crystal. Iron oxide is an important common iron compound.

  Iron oxide is black or gray blue, density 5.18g / cm3, melting point 1594 ℃, hardness is great, with magnetic, also known as magnetic iron oxide. Iron oxide is insoluble in water and alkaline solution, but also insoluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents, but can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Natural Fe3O4 is insoluble in hydrochloric acid.

  Iron oxide is a ferrite, that is, Fe2 + Fe + 3 [Fe3 + O4]. In Fe3O4, iron was two valence, an iron atom was +2 price, two iron was +3 price, so that iron oxide can be seen as a compound composed of FeO and Fe2O3, can be expressed as FeO Fe2O3, and can not be said to be a mixture of FeO and Fe2O3.

  Natural magnetite is a raw material for iron making. Iron oxide hardness is very large, can be used as abrasive. A specially made pure iron oxide is used as a raw material for recording tapes and telecommunications equipment.

  Iron oxide three

  Iron oxide (Fe3O4), also known as magnetic iron oxide, black solid, insoluble in water, magnetic, commonly known as magnets, magnets, magnets, is a commonly used magnetic materials. Iron oxide is mainly found in the nature of magnetite, magnetite can be used to smelting steel.

  Iron oxide is an oxide of iron, iron element mass fraction between ferrous oxide (FeO) and iron oxide (Fe2O3), which part of the iron element was +2 price, part of the iron element was +3 price, It is not a simple mixture of ferrous oxide and iron oxide, but a ferrite, a pure substance. As the iron iron in the iron element of the valence of both +2 price, there are +3 price, so iron oxide is both oxidized, but also has a reduction.

  (1) in the humid air, easily oxidized into ferric oxide.

  4Fe3O4 + O2 == 6Fe2O3

  (2) at high temperature with the reducing agent H2, CO, Al and so on.

  3Fe3O4 + 8Al == 4Al2O3 + 9Fe

  Fe3O4 + 4CO == 3Fe + 4CO2

  Iron oxide is not only in nature, but we can also use a certain method to produce.

  ② wire in the air heated to 500 ℃ will be intense combustion to produce iron oxide:

  ③ iron at high temperature and water vapor reaction:

  We can also through some chemical reaction, the steel surface to generate a layer of dense iron oxide, used to prevent or slow down the corrosion of steel, such as firearms, saw blades and other surface blue, black.

  Iron oxide can also be made of pigments and polishing agent. Special iron oxide can be used for recording tapes and telecommunications equipment.